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114. Why Are We Doing This?

I consider myself to be very fortunate. Not only because of the real estate portfolio or the wealth I’ve acquired, the freedom I’ve earned, the amazing team I work with, or because of my circle of friends around the world I can look to and lean on in a moment’s notice.

Those are all fantastic things to have in life but that’s not the main reason I consider myself to be so fortunate. I don’t believe my life would be the way it is today had I not first discovered my “why.” My driving force you could say. My motivation for doing what I do. The reason I decided to get into real estate in the first place. And that was the freedom to explore this great big world when and how I wanted to. To have flexibility with my life and the direction I want to take it. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to travel at an early age and discover that every place is different and then shortly after discovered that real estate was the most historically proven asset class in history and could be acquired and managed passively. I found my way and I found the avenue to get me their (real estate). All that to say… I don’t believe I would have achieved the success I have thus far without first discovering that “why.” So this week we’re going to delve into that subject. Do you know why you are listening to this podcast? Why are you interested in real estate? What is it that you truly want?

  • How we get “stuck”
  • Breaking the habit of being ourselves
  • Discovering our “Why”
  • Is it really possible
  • Our new real estate world (environment)


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