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111. Add Another Listing? (Linked Listings)

You may have more than one “listing” and you haven’t even realized it. The guest house in the back of your main house. A granny flat with a separate entrance… Even an RV parked in your spare parking. The more options and flexibility we have with our listings the more options potential guests will have to book and the higher our occupancy rate should be. This week we’ll talk about how to accomplish this and a few things to consider: 

  • airbnb has an option to “link” listings so if you have 2 properties for example that you would like to have the option to rent together
    • they become three listings
      • Could be treehouse, RV, guest house tiny home
  • consider adding extra guest charges (for larger space)
  • consider allowing a shorter advance booking window (advance notice 2 days for example)


  • include your floor plans


  • use airbnb calendar to link listings


  • there will be a “parent” listing and “child” listing


  • do it on your property management software with “linked listings” or “combined listings”

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