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109. Get More Repeat Guests (Increase Your Revenue)

Repeat guests are great. You already know they are good guests (otherwise you wouldn’t have them back) and they can really help keep your calendar booked more consistently. Today there are lots of options to take bookings directly and your repeat guests are great guests to approach. There are lots of benefits to this which we will discuss in this week’s episode but in a nut shell I’d like to get you thinking…If we have all of our properties listed on one OTA or online travel agency, like Airbnb, then we have all of our eggs in one basket. What happens if Airbnb takes your account down? This happens. What would happen to your occupancy? Yeah, it wouldn’t be good. So if we can decrease our exposure to the OTAs we can protect ourselves from potential risks on the platforms but we also build a better and more consistent business. Many times we will be able to better forecast our occupancy all while having the opportunity to earn more money! You can offer your guests a lower price at the same time you are earning more because neither side has to pay the OTA commissions! If you’re just getting started with direct bookings then repeat guests are a great place to start. 

  • Why repeat guests are great
  • How to get more repeat guests
  • How to charge them directly
  • How to advertise 

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