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106. Why You Need To Refinance Now! (Inflation)

The latest inflation numbers for the US are the highest it’s been since 1990. This means prices are rising quicker than they have in over 30 years. I’m sure you’ve noticed it right? Gas, groceries, utilities, everything that doesn’t have a fixed price is going up and going up quickly. Lucky for us as real estate investors, so are our property values! Many of us are sitting on tons of untapped equity but that equity is useless unless we do something. Put another way, that equity is NOT YOURS unless you take it out. This week we’ll talk about several reasons why it’s time for you to pull that out :)Lets delve into:

  • Inflation. 
  • 3 reasons why you should you pull your equity out 
  • When NOT to refinance
  • A misconception about property values and your wealth
  • Some lender referrals
  • What if real estate prices drop? 

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We need to manage our equity and not just our RE portfolio. Lets talk about refinances. Inflation and whether it’s time to refinance