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#106 Victoria Searl, Founder of DataHawks, on the Data-Driven Customer Journey

It doesn’t take a data scientist to understand the patterns of human behaviour in your business. I speak with data expert Victoria Searl to unpack exactly what you need to do to be more informed with your decisions. As Founder of DataHawks, her digital marketing agency uses your data to identify and profile your most valuable customers – creating and delivering business changing acquisition, conversion and retention.

Join us as we explore the discount syndrome, customer avatars, ‘proof of presence’ data, analysing the Eat Out To Help scheme – and lessons learned from her two grandmas. Too often we rely on our gut instinct in hospitality, so it’s time to shake things up and “be more ecommerce”.


‘Good To Great’ by Jim Collins: 

Moneyball (2011): 

‘Start With Why’ by Simon Sinek: 

‘The First 90 Days’ by Michael Watkins:

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