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103. Lease Arbitrage Deals Just Got Riskier

This show is all about investing in real estate. However, there are other ways to enter the short term rental world without actually investing in real estate and that is by lease arbitrage: Leasing a property from a landlord and then sub-leasing to short-term rental guests and making the difference. Many people have made a killing doing this and while many still are, things just got a bit riskier. You may know already if you’ve listened to the podcast for a while that I also cut my teeth on this business model with a deal I signed for 10 apartments. That deal is working out really well fortunately but the future looks brim. Not just for my deal but for anyone operating short-term rentals under the lease arbitrage model.

  • Landlords not fixing maintenance issues
  • Landlords leasing up property to refinance (then they don’t care)
  • City changes laws and you are in lease
  • Rent rises go up but not necessarily STR rents 
  • The actual returns on a lease arbitrage deal? 

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