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101. A New Tool For Added Protection Against Unruly Guests

I’m always on the hunt for new tools to make our STR operations easier and increase our profits and part of increasing our profits is accomplished by minimizing risk. Airbnb has its own ways of verifying guests but is that sufficient? And what are you doing to verify guests on other platforms that might not have a host guarantee like Airbnb does for up to $1 million. Yes, you can have deposits. Yes, you can have strict house (rental) rules. But will your guests actually follow those or abide by your rules? We started taking our security one step further with a new tool which we will break down on this week’s episode. Luckily most of our guests are fabulous but for those few that try to get around our rules, we’ve added another layer of security that I would lke to share with you this week to see if it’s something you may want to incorporate with your rentals. 


Sign now will work with any software connected to Zapier. 


  • Prevention & House Rules
  • Check-in forms
  • Long-term lease agreements
  • How much does this tool cost? 
  • Zapier integrations
  • Email notifications


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