LIVE at VRMA in San Antonio, Texas!

Finally, the day has come where Wil Slickers & Michael Goldin will be live & in-person for an episode of GMH! Michael Ros will be joining virtually as normal!

We had many special guests walk in and share some exclusive content and exciting news!

To kick it off, NoiseAware announces their AutoResolve product for operators to no longer have to respond to noise events at 1 am in the morning! Tune in to the episode to learn more!


Wes Melton

Founder of Nokori

Also new CTO of Casago

Joe – Beyond Pricing

David Jacoby

Co-founder and President of Hostfully


Discounts to bars and restaurants

Jason Sprinkle CEO of Keydata

Matthew Loney

President of Xplorie

Andrew Kitchell CEO of Wheelhouse