Ep 41 – The 5 step formula to turning lookers into bookers with Mark Simposon Part 2


Mark Simpson – Owns a company called Boostly. He grew up in the UK. His parents owned a boutique/BNB type of property on a farm and when he got older he started looking at something on how to start marketing their business and get more people to come to their property. Over years and years of refining a website and different marketing campaigns, he’s really dialed in on this process and has still continued to evolve that over the last decade. Mark is the guy to learn about direct bookings. He’s got some amazing content on Youtube and on his website.


02:21 STR Secrets texting community! Text your questions at 9783216563

03:18 Mark’s 5 steps/secret sauce.

04:40 Step 4: Booking stage

05:23 What a PMP/PMS is.

06:45 How to find out if your PMP is right for your business.

08:52 A stupidly shocking statistic!

10:33 A cool website that filters every tester to fit your avatar.

14:01 If you have renters you’re in Mark’s world.

15:28 Buyer’s remorse and how to solve it.

21:36 What can you do to put your guests’ minds at ease.

24:18 How to get 2 months FREE from Hostfuly guide book.

25:22 Why you need to have a digital guidebook.

30:04 How to manage your guest database.

34:31 How to get in touch with our guest Mark Simpson.

40:22 A clubhouse event in a couple of weeks with our guest.

41:31 Be part of Mark’s book, “The book direct playbook”.

42:48 Mark’s best book of all time.

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Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss


“83% of people have said this. If they have a bad user experience, even at the point of booking, they will leave and they will never come back.” – Mark Simpson

“The best worst-case scenario is they just go to booking.com and book with you there. The worst case is they go book somewhere else and you’ve lost that revenue completely.” – Mark Simpson

“The whole goal of the room (Clubhouse app) is to start, grow and scale your STR business.” – Mark Simpson


YouTube Video 1: Boostly.co.uk/listingsites

Youtube Video 2: boostly.co.uk/bidonbrand

Youtube: http://bit.ly/2WEOm1v

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mrmarksimpson

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/boostlyuk/

Website: www.boostly.co.uk

Clubhouse Link: boostly.co.uk/clubhouse24

Mentioned Link 1: boostly.co.uk/pms

Mentioned Link 2: usertesting.com